Downtime Checking

Know when your site is down.

We check your site every minute and alert you when your site is down. First 7 days free!


Dynamic Pricing

We charge $1 per check per month so your downtime checking bill starts small and scales as you grow.

Page Speed Alerting

Set up alerts on a page speed threshold down to the millisecond. Know when your site is slow!

Alert Sensitivity

Tune your alerts with our retry count to retry from multiple locations to ensure you are really down before we alert you.

SSL Support

We can check your SSL certificate every minute as well as give you a notification before your certificate expires.

Worldwide Checking

Our servers check your website from multiple locations around the world to ensure uptime in every locale.


We support email in all checks. SMS integration is available for paid checks.

Start checking your site

First check free! $1 per check per month for any additional checks!